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I'm still busy working on elements of this new site for Hoops for Hope. Believe it or not, at one point I actually kept up with writing a blog just about once a week. This blog may not be an every week thing, but my goal will be to post at least one per month and perhaps more depending on what's happening with Hoops for Hope as well as the fight against cancer.

My other blog is more of a general blog on life and the lessons learned along the way and if I write anything for that which seems on the same page as what we're trying to accomplish here, I will post links on this blog as well!

This whole page is a work in process but the good news is we now have complete control, which means if you'd like to see something added or taken down from the site, we can do that right away! Our old site was created and managed by the fantastic Sue Simonson and her web page class at Mound Westonka High School and they did a great job for us, but it was time for us to take the responsibility of maintaining the site ourselves and we hope that it brings forth great things.

One of the experimental things you'll find on our site is a forum page. It's something we've always wanted to be able to offer, and now might be able to. Once again, I've never created a web site before so it may not be exactly what we're hoping for right away, but we hope that it can help everyone who is or has been affected by cancer to know that there are always other people willing to help...even if that just means sharing some stories or being there to listen.

Well I think I'll keep this post pretty short. There's lots to do and we're running out of time to get it all done before April 17th! We hope you enjoy the new site and feel free to offer suggestions about how we can make it better!

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